Australia is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as the only nation with disease free sheep. Australia is a large continent that is geographically isolated. Australian sheep that have been effectively quarantined from every known disease. Our sheep skin source is certified Australian and hence, disease free.

What is OVICOLL™

OVICOLL™ is a Type I & III soluble ovine collagen with a high purity range between 95% - 99%. It is suitable for use as an active ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetic products such as skincare & anti-aging creams, lotions, hair care and toiletries. It is compatible with most water-based formulations and emulsions.

Origin of OVICOLL

OVICOLL™ is manufactured in Australia according to GMP and ISO standards with patented Australia technology and several proprietary processes. It is derived from mammalian origin which is the sheep skins. The sheep skins used to extract ovine collagen are veterinary controlled, traceable and certified disease free from United States Department of Agriculture.

Collagen sources and their characteristics

COLLAGEN OVICOLL™ Bovine Plant Marine Porcine Avian Recombinant
Source Sheep Cow Various Fish Pig Chicken Recombinant
Tissue Skin Skin Hydrolysed protein** Scales Skin Feet NA
Market perception Novel Unsafe Acceptable Good Acceptable Acceptable Novel
Price Affordable Highly competitive Affordable High Highly competitive High Very High
Disease issue (including Scrapie) No BSE Not Recorded No No Avian Influenza No
Market acceptance Yes Hindu Yes Yes Islam,Jewish Yes Yes
Traceability / QA* Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Purity* High High NA** Good Good Good High
Monomer %* Excellent Good NA** Low Good Excellent Excellent
Thermal stability High High Low Low High High High
Water regain High High Low Average High High High
Antigenicity Low Low High High Low High Low
Supply* Reliable Reliable Reliable Reliable Reliable Variable Limited
* Manufacturer dependent
** Collagen as a protein does not occur naturally in plants. Products which claim to
be plant collagens are frequently 
a mixture of hydrolysed proteins derived from typically wheat or soy sources1.